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Self Respect

Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Self Respect

Dear Mom and Dad:
Advice to you from Teen Parents.

TPP Sponsors the “Dear Mom and Dad” program for young teens and their parents in each school district. If you have not had the opportunity to attend here are some perspectives on the “why” behind teens’ sexual decisions:

“When I was young, my mom talked to me about sex, but never about college or what I wanted to do with my life”.

“I planned on being abstinent until I was married, but no one prepared me for how strong the feelings of first love can be, or how to handle them”.

“I think a lot of girls think that sex will make their relationship closer. What it does is make it all about sex, everything else comes second. No one expects that”.

“When I told my mom I was having sex, she put me on birth control. I guess I thought that meant what I was doing was okay. It wasn’t….in more ways than you think”

“I got pregnant when I was on Depo (the shot), which is 99 % effective. Someone has to be the one percent”.

“I was one of those “shut up, don’t talk to me” kids. But keep talking even if you think your kids aren’t listening. Believe me, they hear you”.

“All kids think they have this invisible force field and nothing bad will happen to them. So did all of us, what does that tell you”?

“I think teens can be in love. But when I was in love I built my whole life around him, every minute I thought about him. No one told me that wasn’t love. In fact it’s totally wrong”.

“Knowing who your kids’ friends are, and the parents of their friends, is a must. Never negotiate on that point”.


Book Sales: “It’s Just Sex, Right?”
A collection of the short stories and perspectives behind the above quotes from local kids who have been there. The book features teen parents, abstinent teens, and graduates looking back.
Cost: $10.00 plus $3.00 shipping, payable to Geauga ESC-TPP. Order through
This is a resource that you don’t  want to miss.

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