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Teen Pregnancy Prevention

7th grade homework

Youth Involvement

Dear 7th grade parent,

Your child will be bringing home a homework assignment to do with you for Health class. This sheet is for your reference only, and includes some key course information that may be helpful in your discussions. The homework will be in True-False format.

  1. Less than half of all high school students (grade 9-12) in the U.S. have ever had sex:
    TRUE . According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2012, 43% of high school students, nationally, have ever had sex. The number has been less than 50% since the early 1990's.

  2. Most kids don't regret their decision to have sex: FALSE. The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy surveys over 100,000 youth every year. They state that 72% of girls and boys 55% regret the decision to have sex.

  3. Sex is a good way for teens to make a relationship better or closer:
    FALSE. The result is usually increased jealousy, possessiveness and control, or the main focus of the relationship being physical. Emotional and personal intimacy must take place first, and that takes a long time, and two mature people.

  4. If you use contraception there are no risks to having sex as a teen: FALSE. Many teens have physical consequences, but most regret their decision for emotional reasons, such as guilt or increased stress. Socially, such as reputation, rumors, or trust of parents.

  5. Most teens choose to have sex because they are in love: FALSE. Boys number one reason for their decision is to impress their friends. Girls' is to save a relationship.

  6. By the end of middle school only about 10 % of students have chosen to have sex:
    TRUE. In Geauga County, about 5-8% of middle school students report having had sex. But middle school students think 35-50% of their peers have had sex.

  7. In middle school, kids use parents as a primary source of sexuality information: TRUE. Since 1996 the percentage increased. For 7th graders, 80% report parents as a primary source, 8th grade 75%. The standard parents set IS heard and acted on.

  8. Abstinence is the only 100% guaranteed way to avoid unwanted pregnancy and STD's: TRUE: No contraceptive method is 100% safe from pregnancy or STDs. And none can protect your reputation, relationship or values.

  9. Sexual choices now can affect your future marriage and relationships.
    TRUE. Relationship habits form very early. When a physical relationship is substituted for communication, fun, or friendship, the chances of having meaningful and permanent relationships in the future decreases.