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Relationship Skill of the Month

Relationship Skill of the Month

Check this area once a month for something new to practice if you want a ‘real’ and
healthy relationship



Actually listening to someone is a lot more than just hearing what is coming out of their mouth!Here are some tips to becoming a better listener:
    • Pay close attention to what is being said and remember key points (like someone’s name or event being talked about)
    • Make eye contact frequently
    • Ask questions or for more information to show interest and to make sure you understand what’s being said.
    • Hear not only what the person is saying, but how they feel about it from their tone of voice, facial expression, body language.
    • Summarize it in your own words-can be as easy as ‘so you had a great time on your trip’.

Don't be a "self-talker"!


Asking Questions
Don’t be a “self-talker” !

Believe it or not, in most relationships, one person typically does more than 75% of the talking!   Use these tips to not only avoid being a self-talker, but to help you get to know who you’re going out with better.

  1. Avoid closed questions (requires only a yes or no response). Boring! And creates uncomfortable silence.
  2. Ask Open Ended questions: “Tell me about your game” (leaves a lot of room for response) vs. “How was your game?” (probably will get a much shorter answer, such as the score, or just “good”).
  3. Wait for an answer! Don’t be thinking of the next thing you want to say while they’re talking.
  4. Ask questions that are about more than just facts, such as opinions, values or ideas. These questions start with ‘What do you think about…..(could be anything from something that happened at school to the latest breakup) or “If you had a choice, would you…..(go to college or work, sky dive or go to the beach).

For the brave and the more mature, try playing the question game. It’s simple. Each person comes up with 5 questions they want to know about the other person. You take turns asking, and each person MUST answer, and answer honestly.  Questions should be all over the place, from favorite color to who would you want to be if you weren’t yourself!

Play once a week and see what happens!!




Be direct if you have something serious to ask. DO NOT say something like “ I kinda want to know….”   Words like ‘kinda’, ‘sort of’, ‘maybe’ don’t reflect that you need a serious and honest answer.  


Did You Know?

Recognize Gender Differences in Conversation


  • That girls say I “sorta” think, or I “kinda” feel, but boys don’t? Take out the ‘kinda’s and say what you mean and guys will take you more seriously.
  • Boys interrupt girls when talking 5 times more than girls interrupt boys. Limit interrupting whenever you can.
  • Girls use conversation for social reasons. Guys more for solving a problem or to gather information. It’s why guys talk so much less than girls. It’s not rude, just the way it is.
  • Guys make eye contact way less than girls do. Girls assume it’s because they aren’t listening. Guys-work on more eye contact to stay out of trouble!


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