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Think You’re in A
“Serious” relationship?

Answer these questions and find out

  • Do you have common friends that you both enjoy going out with? (Or is going out with his/her friends more something you tolerate)
  • Do you feel like your opinion and what you have to say is important and valued?
  • Is he/she okay with you talking to or having guys/girls who are just friends? (or does the jealousy thing come up a lot)
  • Do you know and feel comfortable being around each others’ families?
  • Do you share common interests and what you like to do with free time? (or do you dislike doing what they really like to do). 

If you answered YES to ALL of these questions you have a good start. Tune in next month for the “next level” of questions.

If you answered NO to ANY of these questions this is probably a short-term relationship. Decide quickly how long you want to stay in it and be honest with yourself about WHY!


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