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Self Respect

Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Tips for Talking

Silence Breeds Babiies - Talk to your kids about Sex

Tips for Talking

  1. Use television as an opener:  Ask youth how shows compare to real life; what they think about "sex sells" commercials; or why movies are rated.
  2. Communicate your values and discuss feelings.  Talk with, not at, your child.
  3. Know teen development.  Since youth can use advanced reasoning, and understand long term consequences, "just say no" and ..."because I said so" are no longer effective.
  4. Assure teens that you understand what they feel.  But point out that how they act on their feelings can have life long consequences.
  5. Start small and be consistent in your talks.  A single talk is ineffective.
  6. Respond to questions or comments with open-ended responses such as:  "That's a good question"....."I remember when I felt the same way"....."what do you think about that".
  7. Be honest.  If you are uncomfortable, say so!  Expressing your feelings makes talking easier.

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