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Silence Breeds Babiies - Talk to your kids about Sex

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Protective Factors

"Protective Factors" are those things that are present in a child's life that increase the chances they will avoid behaviors like drug and alcohol use, and early sexual involvement.

Communication with Parents is a primary protective factor.  Talking about serious issues 2-4 times a month can reduce a child's risk by almost 30%.

Other protective factors include:

  • Youth's value on education
  • Awareness of career options
  • Structured/supervised after school activities
  • Participation in religious activities
  • Abstinent friends
  • Solid communication and social skills
  • Presence of 4 or more dating rules

Specific to sexual involvement; discussing your values, standards and expectations is an important part of communicating.

For boys, the greatest impact comes when mothers talk to sons about sexuality.  For girls, protective factors center around parents' educational values, expectation of future career, and perceived parental disapproval of sexual involvement.