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Teen Pregnancy Prevention

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Geauga TPP Programs and Services

Geauga TPP operates programs in nine school districts, and has provided services and resources to over 1,000 teachers, parents and school personnel over the course of the past ten years.  Two TPP programs are also distributed nationally through trade publications.


Classroom Programs

5th grade: "Changes as We Grow Early Years" - Done in conjunction with the State mandated Maturation-Reproduction unit, TPP introduces "sexuality" as more than just biology.

6th grade: "Changes as We Grow"- Character education, social skills, and "introduction to adolescence" program.  Foscus is on the emotional, social and physical changes to expect and how to handle them.

7th grade:  "The Best is Worth Waiting For" - Starts with the best and only 100% safe sexual decision--abstinence.  Introduces Holistic Sexuality Education, but focuses primarily on emotional and physical considerations.  Topics include media influence, unwanted touch and sexually transmitted disease.

8th grade:  " Ready for the Pressure" - Decision making skills program utilizing integrated components from 7th grade.  Adds ethical and social considerations. Topics include setting personal standards, identifying risky situations, and developing a written abstinence plan.

9th grade:  "Tell It Like It Is" - Assertive communication program with emphasis on sexual decisions.  Components include recognizing sexual pressure and influence, assessing a real relationship, and assertive communication role plays.

10th grade:  "Relationships-Risk and Reward" - Relationship education program for teens.  Focus is on gender communication differences and alalyzing what it takes for healthy male-female relationships now and in the future.

Juniors/Seniors:  "Parenting 101" - Parenting awareness program, emphasizing preparation necessary for parenthood.  Topics include the challenges of parenthood, child developmental stages, and appropriate discipline.

Sexually Transmitted disease and Prevention programming:  TPP integrates all key Holistic Sexuality Education components to thoroughly address the epidemic of sexually transmitted disease.  Medical slides are used, and a physician or health professional discusses all methods of prevention, including abstinence, as well as recently developed vaccinations.

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