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The Centers for Disease Control reports that the U.S. teen birthrate declined 9% in 2010. The rate has declined 44% since 1991.

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About Teens and Sex

Don't like the odds?  Don't have sex.

It’s True!!!

  1. 1 out of 3 girls will have an unintended pregnancy by age 20
  2. That’s 750,000 teens a year!
  3. Even the best birth control, Depo-Provera (the shot) leaves 3 out of every 1,000 users pregnant within one year. That’s thousands of women each year!
  4. Condoms typically result in 15 pregnancies out of 100 users.


Reality Check
The Ohio Youth Risk Behavior Survey, as well as many other quality surveys of youth behavior consistently report that 64% of high school seniors have had a sexual experience.

Inadvertently this leads many teachers, parents and youth themselves to give in to the fact that sexual behavior among teens is inevitable.

But when taken in the context of several other facts, promoting abstinence among teens is still the easiest, healthiest and best road to take.
  • Of sexually active teens, more than half report that they “should have waited”.

  • Over 35% of youth who had sex before age 15 report being coerced.

  • One in five sexually active teens has, or has had a sexually transmitted disease.

  • Becoming sexually active at age 16 or earlier puts your lifetime risk of someday contracting a sexually transmitted disease at 60%.  Waiting until age 20 reduces that risk to 15%.

  • The trend is beginning to change: Approval of casual sex among college freshman is down to 39.6% from 50% fifteen years ago.

  • Of high school students, grade 9-12, in 2012 only 43% report ever having had sex. Abstinence is the majority!

Abstinence is achievable for teens. It allows them to develop healthy and meaningful relationships, preserve their physical and emotional health, and reduce their chance of becoming a teen parent to “0”.


Sexual behavior is not "no big deal" anymore...