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Self Respect

Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Facts You Need to Know

Tell it Like it Is

Legal Briefs
Teens Need to Know

Did you know...

  • That unmarried dads have to register within 30 days or they may give up all rights to their child?

  • That sexual harassment can be a criminal act?

  • That a middle school student can be charged with statutory rape?

  • That all sexual offenders are required to register with local authorities who may notify work/school/neighbors?

  • That either parent can be asked to pay child support as long as the child is under age 18?

Learn More before you make any sexual decisions.  The following sections include brief definitions of:

Did you know

Legal Briefs 

Putative Father Registry

Legal Definitions

Sexual Harassment

The Sexual Offender Registry


Sexual behavior is not "no big deal" anymore...