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Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment is: Any uninvited, unwanted and unwelcome sexual attention.

Harassment can take place between supervisor and worker, teacher and student, or among peers.  Offenses are usually a matter for a civil court, not criminal, such as civil rights violations.

However, if the harassment is extensive, legal consequences can fall under "menacing" or stalking laws.

Examples that fall under sexual harassment law include:

  • Offensive sexual graffiti, postings, calendars.
  • Sexual jokes, teasing or name calling.
  • Subtle pressure for unwanted sexual activity.
  • Requests or demands for sexual favors.
  • Physical aggression or contact of a lewd type including unnecessary brushing/rubbing up against, touches, pinching and patting.
  • Remarks about someone's body or clothing.
  • Obscene gestures.

What can you do?

Report the offense to a superior (principal, counselor, business owner etc).  Record when, where and what type of harassment it is.  Make sure to always tell the person the comments or actions are unwanted and offending.

If the harassment gets physical or you feel threatened notify the local police department.

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Sexual Harassment

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