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Self Respect

Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Peer Team

Youth Involvement

TPP Peer Team

TPP Peer Team is a youth volunteer core made up of students in grade 9-12 who take an active role in several TPP programs.

Peer Team members are abstinent high school students who believe strongly enough in their choice that they want to influence others.

Peer Teem Members

  • Receive 20 hours of training a year in presentation skills, role-playing, leadership, and key knowledge related to abstinence and teen pregnancy
  • Present as a panel on day one of the 8th grade TPP Program
  • Run 7th grade assemblies as a follow up to the 7th grade TPP Program
  • Participate in annual awareness activities such as the Self-Respect Campaign and school bulletin board design
  • Take a lead role in the development of TPP resources like the "Ready for the Pressure" video.
  • Participate as a panel member in the Dear Mom and Dad program for parents and students together.

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Developing Your Talk

Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Developing a Talk

1.  Introduce yourself.  Include your age, grade and school. Tell a little bit about yourself (athlete, musical talent, extra-curricular activities). Always state that you are abstinent and you are here to talk about why you made that choice.

2.  Title your talk (optional).  Be creative or humorous.

3.  Specify your topic and reason for choosing abstinence. Choose from the list or create your own. Let students know if you are a virgin, or have chosen abstinence after regretting past sexual decisions. During your talk include what you thought in 8th grade vs. what you think now.

  • Fear of STDs
  • My goals and futureRelationships, Dating and Sexual pressure
  • Music and TV
  • Teen relationships
  • Commitment and Marriage
  • What’s a real man
  • Personal negative experience or experience of friends

4.  Divide your talk into 3-4 main parts. Some students will use simple beginning-middle-end.  Others have used a past-present-future or emotional-social-physical (benefits of abstinence). See the person on the reverse of this page for guidance.


Brainstorm first. Write down all your thoughts and feelings.

Choose your most important points, then write your talk word for word.

Use index cards or highlight main points.

Time your talk. Be sure to keep it to approximately 5 minutes.

Always be honest and straight-forward.

Consider putting your talk in the form of a story, skit or role-play.

Think about and write down any posters, props, handouts that would enhance your talk.


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