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Self Respect

Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Youth Involvement

Tell it Like it Is

Teen Parent Panel

Local teen parents, past and present also contribute to the TPP mission.

They are the living proof that it "can happen to you" and yes, in Geauga County.  Teen parents share their life stories in several programs in hopes that others will not make the same mistakes that they did.

Teen parents present day two of the Tell it Like It Is program for 9th graders, sit as a panel member on a generational panel of parents for "Parenting 101" and are the heart of the Dear Mom and Dad program for parents and teens.  They also provide "Teen Parent Panel" and open forum for youth to learn about the lives and decisions of teen parents.

Parents have produced such TPP resources as the Dear Mom and Dad parent brochure, are contributors to the "Just Say Know" newsletter, and authored the book "It's Just SEX, Right?" soon to be available in stores.

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